With Chael Sonnen hogging the idiot spotlight, it’s kinda nice to get a change of pace from time to time. Here’s Tito Ortiz on HDNet’s Inside MMA discussing his next opponent Matt Hamill and saying deaf people have soft heads:

“He’s deaf so he has a soft head. You people don’t know this. Watch how Franklin knocked him out quick. You hit him with soft shots because they’re equilibrium…they don’t have no equilibrium. You hit them with small shots, I’m not looking for big shots, I’m looking for small shots. By the second, middle of the third round you’re going to see someone go to sleep”

Someone call Dr Johnny Benjamin so we can get to the bottom of this! I wonder if it’s the general softness of their entire skulls that makes them talk all funny too. Or is that because they have stunted defective brains? Please, tell us more Tito!