Tito Ortiz somehow made it through the post-UFC 140 media scrum without Dana White basically retiring him in the press, so now it’s time to drum up some support for that ‘one last fight’ he was talking about after his loss to Lil Nog. Here’s what he’s thinking:

“Hopefully the July 4 weekend I’ll be fighting my last fight and I’ll be done, that’s it – time to walk away,” said Ortiz, in a recent interview with MiddleEasy.com. “Forrest (Griffin is possible), I know everybody would love to see me against Chuck – we’ll see what (UFC president) Dana (White) has to offer. Let’s make my last fight a memorable one.”

I must be crazy, but I would actually kinda sorta love seeing Chuck Liddell come out of retirement to slap Tito Ortiz around. There was already a big stupid season of TUF revolving around it, and it’s not like ‘retirement’ is some sort of real impediment. Chuck just needs to hit the naked treadmill and watch the beergut and we’re good to go. Sadly enough, I don’t see this happening, if only because Dana White spent over a year convincing Chuck to quit and he probably doesn’t want to have to do that again.