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A lot of people are blaming Tito Ortiz for screwing up the Rousey – Cyborg superfight, and while that may not technically be true yet (I place blame on the UFC refusing to show Cyborg the money) I’m sure he’ll play a key role in bungling it up over the next year or so. That’s not to say Tito doesn’t want the fight to happen. Hells, he’s pretty confident it will, and soon too!

“Cris has shown in Strikeforce, why she’s so dominant, why women are afraid of her. She has three fights with Invicta, she will be the world champion and she will walk away a world champion. Like I said, New Year’s Eve, let’s make a super fight. Forget the title. Champion vs. champion, who cares about the title?”

Unfortunately, the UFC does – they’ve banked a lot on Ronda Rousey and through her the women’s bantamweight division. What happens if Rousey fights outside her division and loses? It fucks everything up. I’m down like brown for this superfight, but it would be nice if it could be done in a way where it doesn’t potentially torpedo women’s MMA in the UFC. Which means giving the women’s 135 pound division a little time to blossom, something Tito’s timeline doesn’t really do.

It also doesn’t really conform to reality. He wants Cris to fight three times in Invicta and then take on Ronda Rousey for New Years Eve? That would mean fighting 4 times in 8 months – not very realistic even before you note that Invicta throws an event once every 3 months. And let’s not forget Rousey has to coach TUF, wait while her season airs on TV, and then fight the other coach. Chances she’d be ready to fight Cyborg on New Years Eve? Practically nil.

But hey, why should we take anything Tito says too seriously? I’m just impressed he managed to say it in a relatively coherant fashion.