The fighter who knows when to hang em up is a rare creature indeed. Unfortunately for everyone, there are way more BJ Penns and Tito Ortiz types always jonesing for one more fix of that addictive MMA lifestyle. Penn recently commented that he wouldn’t mind one more fight, just so his kids could see him compete. And then there’s Tito Ortiz, who obviously has some delusional comeback plans percolating in his gigantic skull:

Ortiz tweeted this on Wednesday:

Nice 2be a free agent.Need 2make a big decision 4my future 4my kids future. Nice 2 have a great surrounding and 2be healthy.#Positive 7yrs — Tito Ortiz (@titoortiz) July 10, 2013

When reached out to Ortiz on Wednesday to ask if he was considering a comeback, he wrote back via text message, “everyone has a comeback.”

When asked if he was healthy enough to fight again, Ortiz wrote, “we will see in five months.”

Let’s hope Tito’s horribly mangled spine spends that time quietly reminding him that no, this is not a good idea. At least not if Ortiz wants to spend his 50s and 60s walking around with his legs and such.