Pretty much the only Gordon Ramsay TV show worth watching is the original UK version of Kitchen Nightmares. In it, he encounters every sort of self-deluded individual you can think of, and sooner or later there’ll be someone on the show that reminds you a little bit too much of yourself. Then it’s a sort of perverse therapy as Gordon screams at this person and lays out exactly how far their head is jammed up their ass. YOU TOSSER! WHERE’S THE PASSION? USE FRESH, LOCAL INGREDIENTS, YEA?

These interactions had the added bonus of being generally sincere. Gordon wouldn’t rip someone a new arsehole unless they ignored him when he was being polite. Nowadays on shows like Hell’s Kitchen he just seems to freak out on people because it makes for more entertaining television. If you wanna see what I mean, take a look at this clip from Hell’s Kitchen featuring Tito Ortiz. I doubt there’s much difference between what Gordon’s doing and cult brainwashing. Tito seems to enjoy watching the abuse more than he does eating the food.