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So Tito Ortiz’s big Cris Cyborg press conference didn’t go quite as planned. Not only were people shocked and confused that Cyborg would ask for a release from the UFC to sign with Invicta (a company the UFC already shares fighters with), but they were amazed that Cris apparently speaks better English than Tito. The whole thing was pretty Yakkety Sax, but at least Tito Ortiz now realizes he is bad at public speaking / may have a tumor in his brain:

Yes, I’m happy, just because I wanted to let (everyone) know the future of Cris Cyborg and what she is going to be doing. That was my main goal, just letting people know what she is going to be doing. But, in general? No, not really. I think I got some work to do, but, you know, (I) set up the whole press conference myself, literally. From the stage, the podium to the banners to the PR, press, everything, the people being there, I kind of put a little too much on my plate.

And to go live TV on AXS television, this is as nervous as I’ve ever been with anything I’ve ever done with anything about mixed martial arts and I was so nervous because instead of holding my career, I’m holding someone else’s career. I’ll get better in time, as Dana White said. I’ll get better. I just got to do a little more work and just make sure to get more comfortable on live television. I’m just so used to doing it during fights.

You don’t have nervousness after fights because your emotions are high. But making sure you say the right things for people to understand you, it’s going to take a little work for me I guess. It’s just time for me to slow down and explore exactly what I’m trying to say. It’s going to take work and I will get better.

A few things Tito did manage to explain during his interview on the MMA Hour: that Bellator wasn’t an option because they didn’t want to ‘close doors’ with the UFC. That they didn’t consider the UFC’s offer fair considering Cyborg’s position as ‘the other half of the super fight.’ That the UFC wanted her to sign an 8 fight deal that didn’t increase much in value fight to fight. In short, he actually managed to explain in semi-normal English why Cris decided against working with the UFC.

Now I know it’s not AXS TV, but the MMA Hour is a pretty big show. Maybe in another couple of months Tito will be able to speak on ESPN without shitting his pants and going full Yoda.