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Did you ever have a girlfriend who asked what you thought about her weight? Chances are you became severely anxious, fully aware that it was a loaded question with any answer you could provide spelling certain doom. If you said, “No baby of course not, you’re perfect,” – like you damn well should have – then you’re not being forthright and honest. If you’re a moron, like me, and said, “Eh, who couldn’t stand to lose a few pounds,” then you’re an insensitive asshole unacquainted with her emotional needs. Either way, no lovin’ for you.

But imagine if Cris “Cyborg” Santos was your woman and asked you that question in between bites of brontosaurus t-bone and sets of power-squats. Would you tell her that despite the rippling biceps, bulging veins, and unyielding pectorals that her beauty and femininity excites you in ways previously unimaginable? Or would you tell her to stop chewing on the tyrannosaurus leg, and drop the 120 pound dumbbell presses for some nice, mellow toning exercises? You might take a severe beating for the latter, but you’d be a hero to MMA fans the world over should you succeed.

The biggest fight in women’s MMA is probably not going to happen because of weight. According to Cyborg’s manager, the indelible Tito Ortiz, it would be downright unhealthy for Cyborg to cut 35 pounds. Tito spoke to MMAInterviews (transcription via MMAMania) and offered his take, and his pitiful excuse for an already shot to shit compromise:

“It’s just really tough, like I said. Just being with Cyborg and wrestling her myself, she’s a big girl. To make it down to 135-pounds, it would be kind of health threatening, I think. But at the same time, I would love for the fight to happen. Let’s meet in the middle.

“For a woman to cut that much weight… You gotta understand, she’s small. She’s cutting from 170 down trying to make 135, that’s a big, big, big, big cut. That’s a lot for a woman to cut. And it’s just health reasons when it comes down to it. We want to see an exciting fight. Do it at 140-pounds, I think that would make the best difference.

“I support Ronda Rousey. I hope she does well and I hope she wins. I think the biggest fight in women’s mixed martial arts is Cyborg vs. Ronda Rousey. At the same time, I wish Ronda can win the fight and just keep building for this big fight to happen.”

Look, I realize it’s a big cut for Cyborg. But there are two glaring problems for her in this situation: first and foremost, it’s not the women’s bantamweight division. It’s the Ronda Rousey division. And a non-title fight at 140, of which Rousey may very well lose, is just not going to happen. The UFC has no incentive to put that fight together. It’s a risk that could tarnish their new star. Why do you think she’s fighting Liz Carmouche? Hint, hint – it aint cause no one else wanted the fight. Secondly, it’s difficult to sell the public on the impossible weight cut theory when you have bigger arms than Shane Carwin.

Cyborg and Tito have no leverage here. It wouldn’t be easy, but if Cyborg wants to fight in the UFC she’s going to have to figure out how to make 135. If a 145 pound division is in the future is anyone’s guess, and will depend on the success of the 135 pound class, but even if that happens it’s a ways off. Tito needs to be the brave one here and break it to Cyborg as delicately as possible – less weights, more cardio.