titoortizhipster(“I better not forget my talking glasses…”)

The Huntington Beach Bad Boy Peoples’ Champ says he’s got some ‘nouncing to do on Friday re: the giant Cyborg mess he’s helped create.  After the endless back and forth about bantamweights, catchweights, and if/when Chris Cyborg would mortally expire if she cut an extra 5 pounds to fight Ronda Rousey, Ortiz said last Friday that she wished to be released from her contract with Zuffa.  Now:

Tito Ortiz promises “big news” later this week about the future of his client, Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos…  A press conference held Friday evening at Ortiz’s Punishment Training Center in Huntington Beach, Calif., is expected to announce the ex-Strikeforce champ’s next move…  Ortiz declined to give any further details on the announcement.

Oh.  Well.

Hey, remember that awkward post-fight press conference after Tito’s loss at UFC 148 where he kinda sniffed around Papa White for a job a la Chuck Liddell and Matt Hughes and Dana said “<crickets chirping>”?  Well, Tito’s fallback career of becoming a fight manager also looks to be over before it’s started since he hasn’t been able to buffer the ring rust off of Cyborg.

At this point we can practically put money on the fact that Cyborg has been released from Zuffa and will head on whatever amazing opportunities Cheeto has lined up for her in free agency.  And as usual Ronda ain’t care, referring to Santos as “Cryborg” and ripping into the former 145 pound champion:

“I think that she’s just kind of making a lot of noise and trying to get attention because she’s kind of fading to be irrelevant,” Rousey said. “She hasn’t had a recorded win in about two years or something like that, so she needs to have people going on TV and making a big fuss in order for people to remember her name.”

“I have a lot of options ahead of me,” Rousey said. “I have a lot of girls I can fight. She really doesn’t have any options besides me. So they can go around and make a lot of noise and be ‘Cryborg’ as much as you want, but at some point she’s going to have to come around and take the only fight that’s available to her. And in the meantime, I have plenty of options that are available to me.”

Hey, at least when Tito gives up his managerial dreams we have that Ortiz/Shamrock superfight to look forward to!