(Tim Sylvia in not so good old old old days)

Tim Sylvia has been a man on a mission for the past few months, mounting a twitter and promotional interview barrage in an attempt to land himself a new UFC contract. While he’s gotten a surprising amount of support from fans (maybe they wanna see what happens when he fights a Junior Dos Santos), he’s still not getting any love from UFC brass:

White, apparently, doesn’t look back on Sylvia’s reign with any nostalgia at all, calling the division at the time “sh*tty.” When the criticism comes from people you know personally, the knife cuts even deeper.

“Absolutely [it hurts]. It’s very irritating. He never said that when I was there…I thought I had a great relationship with everybody in the UFC,” Sylvia said. “It is hurtful. I busted my a** for years in his fights to become champion, not once, but twice…it’s not my fault the UFC didn’t bring in better guys to the division when I was there. That’s got nothing to do with me. I fought who they put in front of me. I never declined anybody.”

If by fought he means jibba-jabbed his way to endless 5-round decision wins during his title reign, then we’re a little closer to reality there. And he didn’t exactly impress his last employers at ProElite when he wall-n-stalled his way to victory over Andreas Kraniotakes in November. Even his hometown crowd thought it was pretty awful, relentlessly booing him for his performance.

Why wouldn’t you want such a popular firecracker of a fighter on your roster again? How could you not be excited about the possibility of Timmy dragging the division down with his play it safe style? And how can you deny him when you see his lone loss in his past 7 fights was to TUF: Heavyweights contestant Abe Wagner? The sky’s the limit!