Everyone is entitled to make their own mistakes in this world. Former “21 Jump Street” star Richard Grieco turned down the lead role in “Speed.” Last year he made a movie called “Cats Dancing on Jupiter.” You seen it? Yeah, me neither. John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008, and he, a decorated war hero, ended up losing to a guy with a middle and last name damn near identical to those of America’s two greatest enemies. And former heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia actually requested to be released from his UFC contract.

Yep, after getting choked out by Big Nog back at UFC 81, Tim Sylvia asked for, and was granted a release from his UFC contract. Everyone else in the sport fights to get into the UFC. Tim wanted out.

Hey, who am I to judge the shitty decisions people make. I passed on company stock options I considered worthless which are now about eight times their original value. So I understand.

Tim apparently does not. After lobbying hard for a return to Zuffa, including an excruciatingly pathetic Twitter plea where he was shot down by Dana White with nothing more than a particularly vicious, “Hell no,” it recently appeared that maybe, just maybe Sylvia was going to get a second shot in Strikeforce. Daniel Cormier needed an opponent, and Sylvia’s name was tossed around. Well, after some consideration, the powers that be decided that Frank Mir would be the better option.

Tim Sylvia took to The Underground to express his bewilderment with that decision:

“Sorry to all my fans hoping to see me back in the big show. We were talking to the UFC about the (Daniel Cormier) fight in (Strikeforce) and agreed to it. But for some reason they picked Mir instead. It is what it is at least I was considered so maybe in the near future I will be back thanks for all of your support.”

You can’t fault Sylvia, really. It mind-boggling why they would choose a Top 10 heavyweight who has kept himself in the spotlight over a guy whose last fight was under the NEF banner, and who has turned himself into a punch-line by showing up to fights north of 300 pounds, titties jiggling all over the place.