(time for a new Gypsy Curse Lady pic?)

If you ever needed proof that there was indeed a gypsy curse laid upon the UFC by some vengeful Romani because Dana White called her a pussy on twitter or something, check this out:

My God these injuries! At least the entire UFC on FOX 5 main card has managed to stay together. Dana White seemed a little concerned at yesterday’s press conference:

“The way things have gone for us lately, do you know how happy I am to be standing up here with all the guys who were actually picked to fight on this card?It’s been a while. So I’m really happy about it. Obviously when we made this card, not only did we love the card but the fans loved the card, FOX loved the card, everybody loved this card and the fact that it stayed together … just happy to be here, man. I’m gonna make sure nobody falls off this fucking podium or nothing weird happens up here over the next 24 hours and this thing goes off like it’s supposed to.”

Everyone laughed, but after what just happened to Tim Means it doesn’t sound all that far fetched. A couple more incidents like this and we may need to upgrade horror analogies from Drag Me to Hell’s gypsy curse lady to Final Destination’s mysterious death force.