Immediately upon announcing that Vitor Belfort and Tim Kennedy would be fighting each other on an upcoming card in Brazil, Dana White had to fend off questions from the press that the UFC is hiding Vitor Belfort away in South America, far far away from some mythical commission that might consider refusing him the right to inject steroids leading up to his fight.

    “I don’t care what heat it receives … the guy is being tested. Listen to me: The last thing fucking thing on Earth we would do is lie about something like this. Everybody always thinks there are these big conspiracies and shit. This is a massive, massive business, right? We’re on FOX, we’re regulated by all these athletic commissions. You think we’re going to hide Vitor Belfort in Brazil so he can cheat? First of all, I would never fucking do that. Take me out of the equation and the company would never do that. There are no conspiracies here…. We’re not hiding Vitor Belfort down in Brazil because he’s drugged out of his mind and can’t pass a test anywhere else — that’s completely false. Vitor Belfort is huge in Brazil and does very well down there. The people in Brazil want to see him fight in Brazil.”

And the Brazilian commission approves TUEs for TRT. A sad state of affairs made more so by the fact that it’s also cool in Vegas, New Jersey, Chicago, Houston, and Toronto. And it was all across California up until a few months ago too. Better you go by the commissions that DON’T issue these bullshit cheating exemptions, it’s a shorter list.

At this point it’s out of the UFC’s hands as to whether their fighters get to use steroids for any given fight. Does the organization carefully pick which hands they end up in? They didn’t for Dan Henderson, but Hendo is all old and dried up and not generating PPV buys any more. Chael Sonnen is one of the biggest moneymakers the UFC has right now, and he’d die if it weren’t for his medicine!

All of Chael’s fights keep happening in TRT-friendly states, and his streak is even longer and more suspicious than Vitor’s. But there are so many states rolling with this insane testosterone thing that it could still be a coincidence, I guess. Hell, Vitor fought outside of Brazil just fine and got to keep his juice and everything!

Let’s at least agree this isn’t a conspiracy – no one is even bothering to do any of this stuff in secret and it isn’t the UFC running the show. It’s a bunch of idiot government employees overseeing a nationwide mess and everyone in the sport is stuck dealing with the uncomfortable realities of it right until we all smarten the fuck up. I’ll believe the UFC isn’t hiding Vitor down in Brazil, but let’s not pretend they don’t pay a little extra attention to venue selection when a Chael Sonnen fight is coming up.