Tim Kennedy picked a bad time to shit talk fighter pay – he’s got a big fight against Roger Gracie on Saturday which not only ratchets up the pressure for that, but also means he’s gotta answer 5 billion questions from reporters about it. Which is extra hard considering he released this apology to the Zuffa overlords / statement a few days ago.

At the time he used the good old ‘taken out of context’ excuse – sure, Kennedy said fighters get paid worse than garbage men, but did the MMA media explain that garbage men in some countries are actually paid quite well?? Stupid bloggers always ignoring the unspoken nuances in fighter quotes. But now he has to explain to those same media people how exactly we quoted him out of context and what’s up with the the obvious flip flop. As far as that goes, he said you can say positive things about both sides of the equation and not be a giant hypocrite:

“If I say something that makes my bosses mad, and they say ‘you need to say something about it,’ then I will,” Kennedy said. “I’ll stand by what I said the first time and the reasons why I apologized afterward.”

Kennedy also repeated, albeit more reluctantly and far more diplomatically than he originally did, his wishes that UFC fighters would be paid more.

“It was just an honest assessment of, ‘here are the deductions that usually occur in a fight,’ and it’s a lot less money than most people think,” Kennedy said. “It’s hard to fight two, three times a year and have all your income come from that. It’s not enough.”

So straight up, Kennedy says the apology was forced by Zuffa brass and he still thinks fighter pay is shite. He better win on Saturday, or he might end up being made an example of. And the US is currently running out of combat zones for him to return to … hang in there for at least a year, man! I’m sure we’ll be neck deep in some pointless third world conflict by then.