Well this seems somewhat concerning:

According to Brazilian outlet Globo, only 25% of available tickets for UFC 162 had been sold as of this week. That number coming via box office officials at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Just taking a quick look at Ticketmaster (Jul. 2, 2:00pm EST) it’s pretty clear that availability isn’t an issue. With only a few sections sold out, fans waiting to buy tickets this week have a multitude of choices. Taking full advantage of the 4th of July holiday weekend, the UFC is also hosting their annual Fan Expo featuring ‘exhibitions, fighter autograph and training sessions, fan-inspired special events and competitions.’

The reason UFC 162 being at 25% is so stunning is THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A REALLY MAJOR FIGHT. Anderson Silva is going up against Chris Weidman, who while being generally unknown is widely considered to be the most serious threat to Silva’s game that the Spider has faced in years. So when the pound for pound greatest is about to be properly tested you’d expect more people to be hyped up. Perhaps not an insta-sell out of Skydome proportions, but you’d expect a sold out MGM Grand the week of a major 4th of July holiday fight.

Is it Vegas? Is it the UFC’s popularity? Anderson Silva’s popularity? UFC ticket price? A recovery that never really hit main street?

Whatever it might be, keep in mind that past stories regarding slow ticket sales (most recently the Ronda Rousey card) have ended up being completely meaningless with near sell outs and strong gates always following. I’m sure this event will be no different, which makes me wonder if 25% is even an out of the ordinary number. It seems like a scarily low number, but what do we know about the intricacies of ticket sale speed? We need Dave Meltzer to rap some doom and gloom details on that shit, stat.