That’s how long ago Dan Henderson was injured, according to Hendo’s muay thai coach Daniel Woirin:

“Dan Henderson got hurt three weeks ago during sparring when he went to defend a takedown and for a while he has to be away from training, for two to three weeks. It was very difficult for him to refuse the fight. All the team had to convince him not to do it,” Woirin says.

“We did a final sparring yesterday to evaluate his condition and he really didn’t have the chance to fight with Jones. It is so depressing for everybody. Many things are involved in a high-level fight like this one, but unfortunately, this happened.

“His fight has been called off and when he bounces back, he will be able to dispute the belt.”

So Dan kept the knee injury a secret from the UFC for three weeks while he tried to heal it up enough to fight. Sure, it’s WARRIOR but it’s also a big part of why we’re sitting here now with no Labor Day weekend fight. I can’t blame Henderson for worrying about leaks, but there’s certainly some blame for waiting until this late in the game before deciding to pull out. With so much anger and blame going around right now, why not a little for Dan too?

Still no word on whether it was Sokoudjou who mauled him, but given Sok’s Palhares-level reputation for destroying knees I’m just going to go ahead and throw some blame his way too.