The problem with having over 6500 posts with random stupid titles and no tagging is sometimes you can’t find things you’ve already posted about. I know I’ve talked about this San-Do: Triple Warrior Combat’ stuff before, but who knows what I called it or any of the details. So let’s start fresh: as you can see from the above video, San-Do is like a mutant three person version of MMA.

Surprisingly enough, the whole thing wasn’t done down in Alabama to avoid legislation. The shit you’re seeing above was sanctioned by none other than the Virginia State Athletic Commission. Yeah, it’s pretty fucking strange, but no stranger than tag-team or battle royale MMA. My main issue with it is the predictable nature of most three person melees: either two face off and the third gets to choose who he’s gonna blindside or two guys team up and beat the shit out of the third. Either way, not exactly my cup of tea.

As to whether San-Do will ever catch on, that all depends on if any TV stations pick it up. Anyone interested? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?