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Ronda Rousey Ronda Rousey Ronda Rousey! Yes, with the Ronda Rousey v Sarah Kaufman fight in 2 days we’re ratcheting things up to ROWDYCON 2 around here. Here’s the second part of the Ronda Rousey All Access show that Showtime has been airing, and once again we present you with three things we learned from watching the show.

1. Sarah Kaufman is terrible at smacktalk
“I want to beat Ronda and make her not as pretty. I want to hit her in the face a lot.” Fortunately, she makes up for it in general charm. While not the pulsating orb of starbursts Rousey is, Sarah comes off as such a nice person it’s hard for me to maintain my grudge against her for slamming Roxanne Modafferi out of Strikeforce. Hard, but not impossible. After having to watch several slo-mo replays of the incident over the course of this Access show, Kaufman can still gargle shit and die over that business.

2. Ronda Rousey no longer lives in a crackhouse
Last time, we marveled at the slum Ronda was living with. Most people tend to clean up when they have company over, but even with America coming in for a peek she didn’t bother to move the couch sitting on top of the other couch. This week, we learn that Ronda has been moved to a corporate apartment in Oakland. This makes me sad. Not only have they taken her out of her element, they’ve separated her from her sassy gay bff. DONT LET THEM CHANGE U BB!!! It looks like she’s halfway towards thrashing the place and I bet Wetzel is sleeping over half the time.

3. All the media attention is getting to Ronda
This is the most media attention Ronda has dealt with by far, outstripping even the Olympics. Between holding the belt, being the cover girl for ESPN’s Body Issue, and the general hullabaloo surrounding this fight, her promotional responsibilities have exploded through the roof. You can see it starting to wear on her several times in the episode, especially during the whole situation where her ta-tas were exposed to the world. Will all this insanity affect her performance in the cage this weekend? Is her head in the right space? She’s dealt with pressure before in competition, but she’s never had more people bombarding her with love, attention, and expectations than this.

How is she faring in this final week? Who knows. There’s no episode 3 unfortunately. The fight Saturday will have to do.