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The first episode of All Access: Ronda Rousey is up on the internet and it’s pretty damn cool. It’s half Ronda Rousey profile, a quarter WMMA history lesson, and a quarter Rousey vs Kaufman preview. After the jump, we go into three things we learned from the episode, with mucho multimedia accompaniment!

1. Ronda wasn’t always a beauty queen

Rowdy Ronda went from a Julia Styles rom-com (romance comedy) start to shooting the now infamous ESPN Ronda Rousey nude (you know you want to look, pervert). She wasn’t kidding when she said “I wish I was this popular in high school.” Rousey’s mom has gone into how Ronda was a shy geek going through her teen years, and here Ronda is talking about how hard she was on herself during that time:

“People don’t realize how bad my body issues were when I was a kid. I wore baggy clothes every day. There were days I’d just look myself in the mirror and cry like looking at myself. It’s just stupid the way that women, especially in this country, are conditioned to hate how they look so they buy shit. And it’s just wrong. I’m proud of myself for overcoming that and I think this [Body Issue] shoot is gonna be a great thing.”

Amen, sister. How nutso is it that even Olympic caliber athletes have body issue problems? If she thinks those times were bad, wait til she puts on a few pounds in-between fights. Just ask Gina Carano how that feels.
2. Ronda Rousey lives in a crack-house

Okay, not a crackhouse. But back in my hard partying days we had a friend who lived in ‘The House That Rave Built’, and it looked a lot like this. Multiple couches (some stacked on top of each other), a bed in the living room, cupboards hanging at 45 degree angles, paintings without frames, random wall stains etc, etc, etc. This place would cause Martha Stewart’s head to explode.

“I always hated being in those houses where you had to be perfect and the carpet had to be perfect and if you stained anything then it was the end of the world. You know what, I don’t think my carpet being all one color without interruption has anything to do with my happiness.”

3. Ronda Rousey was naked on the internet for 10 seconds

This is more a teaser for episode 2, but according to a Ronda freakout at the end of the show, one of the ESPN Body Issue videos had some legit nudity. “You can see my fucking tit in the video! Take it down!”