We’ve got a mega fight week in store for ya, with more MMA than you can shake a stick at. Boxing might get a semi-entertaining (or at least lulz worthy) sucker punch once or twice a year but this week we are getting three blocks of solid fight action, starting with…

The Ultimate Fighter Season Whatever: Mayhem vs Bisping
If the one minute preview they ran during the Battle on the Bayou couldn’t convince you that this season is going to be retarded, I dunno what to tell you. Maybe that’s the problem as far as you’re concerned, you purist you. But don’t tell me a two hour premiere featuring the best of 16 fights at bantamweight and featherweight won’t be awesome. Don’t do it! I’ll throw acid in your face for abandoning your love of MMA. That’s this Wednesday at 9PM.

[youtube wJ1Byuq1-K4]

Yeah, it’s more of the same old same old, right down to another Bantamweight tournament. But Japanese MMA is fun … there’s not a whole lotta jacked up wrasslers double legging the shit out of everyone, which leads to more interesting stand up encounters and some slick jiu jitsu when things do hit the ground. This week’s event features Shinya Aoki, Sakuraba, Gerald Harris, Jaochim Hansen, and Caol Uno amongst others. Don’t worry about who they’re fighting. As far as I can tell from the matchmaking, it’s apparently not that important. Get ready for this one late late late Friday night at 3AM!

[youtube w5Beh6fEJVs] 

UFC 135
This one needs no introduction. Barring some sort of last second gypsy curse action, we’ve got the biggest main event fight of the year thus far between Rampage Jackson and Jon Jones. I dunno if I actually give Rampage much chance of winning considering how he fought against Matt Hamill but for the sake of hype and excitement let’s pretend this is Imaginary Awesome Rampage – all the best aspects of Quinton from the several stages of his fight career, and none of the negative stuff. Regardless of who shows up, Jon Jones will be there bringing the fight to Jackson, so it’s guaranteed to be exciting. Saturday at 9PM, baby. It’s gonna be shweet!