[youtube 6z3gTCiq-Co]

Poor football fans. You’re in a crazy situation where inept officials are costing people wins. Welcome to the wonderful world we MMA fans have lived in for the past forever. This is all because of an NFL referee strike. I’d say if the current crop of MMA officials decided to go on strike, there would be a huge cheer of excitement from us fans.

Sure, I’d miss John McCarthy minus his big view-obscuring ass, but on the whole there are way too many moron refs and judges who have no idea what they’re doing. Like the guy in the video above that doesn’t realize one of the fighters has been triangled unconscious for over 10 seconds. That shit is The Dangerous. At a certain point in fights like this, we see a mini Milgram experiment play out where a fighter is supposed to keep throttling his opponent until the authority indicates he should stop. Fortunately, in this case the guy releases the triangle before brain damage can occur.

Even if all of the refs and judges in MMA ended up on a plane that crashed into the mountains and they were forced to eat each other, athletic commissions would probably just replace them with even more inept retards. But perhaps then we could have a conversation about why we keep getting more officials who haven’t gone through some sort of certification courses. They exist. Big John kinda runs one.