Strikeforce’s next show isn’t until March but they’ve already got a nice portion of the card booked up and it’s looking good. I think we can all agree the matchmaking for last weekend’s event wasn’t the best we’ve ever seen but if the March card is any indicator then maybe we’ll be able to chill out on the Strikeforce hate and start giving it some tentative love:

I don’t think I need to upsell you Miesha Tate vs Ronda Rousey. We blab about Ronda Rousey enough on here that I’m sure you’re excited. I’m so hyped I’m already wearing my Ronda shirt, Ronda wig, and Ronda panties in anticipation. WAR RONDA!

Noons vs Thomson is a legit contender match for a shot at Gilbert Melendez and should be a great fight. Plus Scott Coker’s brain seems to be stuck on Thomson / Melendez 3 so getting that out of the way should allow us to tell if his obsession is the sign of an earlier stress related stroke. What’s next for Gil now, Scott? “Thomson / Melendez 4!” Uh-oh.

Misaki has technically been a Strikeforce fighter since 2008 but only fought once because mumble mumble awkward shrug Strikeforce whaddaya gonna do. He’s fighting at a much saner weight of 170 pounds now and it should be interesting to see if Paul Daley has finally escaped the first dimension. Can he keep on his feet against his wily Japanese opponent?

Booking Sarah Kaufman in a fight ASAP is probably a good idea – it’ll give her something to do other than go on press tours complaining about how unfair it is that Ronda Rousey got a title shot. Alexis Davis was on my list of potential opponents for Cris Cyborg – low low low down on that list, but it was on the strength of her quiet work(wo)manlike abilities. She’s won against a lot of people who were supposed to beat her handily, so Kaufman better keep her eye on the ball here.

Adding to the intrigue of the card, Scott Coker said Tate vs Rousey may not even be the main event, implying that maybe … just maybe … they’ll finally be wrapping up the SFHWGP with the Barnett vs Cormier finals. That fight is still not official, but considering the event has already been labeled STRIKEFORCE: BARNETT VS CORMIER, I’d say it’s a possibility. Oh, and that thing Dana White said about the 145 pound division being folded? Scott’s got opinions on that as well:

“The 145-pound weight class, I don’t think it’s time to throw that out to the garbage,” Coker said. “I feel we still have some great fighters at 145, and a lot of girls who maybe haven’t been around for a while are going to be motivated to come back because ‘Cyborg’ isn’t going to be there.

“I heard that [White] had said something to the fact of, ‘Well, with her out, what’s the division?’ But there are girls out there … we can bring in to fight at 145. If that’s not the case, I’m sure we’ll evaluate it and make a business decision. But I don’t think that determination has been made.”

Look at Scott going out and contradicting the Dana. Is this the return of Kung Fu Coker???