This morning, CageReligion posted that Paulo Filho has been hospitalized after a massive overdose of rohypnol, the drug that was behind his previous rehab hospitalization:

Former WEC middleweight champion Paulo Filho has allegedly been hospitalized due to a prescription drug overdose, according to a report by Brazilian media outlet Portal do Vale Tudo on Tuesday. According to the report, Filho was admitted to a hospital in his native Rio de Janeiro, Brazil after ingesting a mass quantity of the prescription drug Rohypnol — a sedative commonly prescribed for the treatment of severe insomnia and recreationally used to soften the so-called “crash” of heavy stimulant usage such as cocaine and methamphetamine.

The 33-year-old’s struggles with substance abuse and chronic depression have been well documented throughout the years, including his withdrawal from a March 2008 WEC title bout against Chael Sonnen after checking himself into a rehabilitation center. The former Pride Fighting Championships and WEC standout is scheduled to face Mamed Khalidov at KSW 17 in Poland on November 26, however, no word has been given on whether the bout will be scrapped.

Note that the Portal do Vale Tudo article used as a source for the CageReligion article does not explicitly state that Filho has been hospitalized; it is simply a letter from Campos Combat promoter Rodrigo Riscado saying that he fears for Filho’s life due to his continued practice of slipping himself roofies. But all the same, one wonders why Filho would take so many roofies without even chatting himself up at a club first; does he really want to rape himself that badly? Doesn’t he know that if it’s intentional, it’s no longer rape and therefore no longer any fun? And why has Filho not shown us his incredible flexibility in the cage?

Riscado’s letter accuses Filho of being out of control, racking up $20,000 in debts for dog food and roosters. When I “feel the itch”, I sometimes also snort a line of dog food and then go give a rooster a big hug. But Filho was allegedly topping this off with about 60 doses of rohypnol a day. In Brazil, it seems, they’ll prescribe you pretty much whatever you want, as long as you have the correctly colored prescription form. Want amphetamines? Anabolic steroids? Opioids? Drugs to make you grow tits? Have money? You got it, buddy!

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Unfortunately, Filho has a long and storied history with drugs and depression. Rohypnol led to Filho missing weight for the Chael Sonnen fight. During that fight, he worried everyone by talking to himself in the cage and looking off into the distance, seemed not to know where he was or what was going on, and acted like a nutcase on the street as well, trying to hustle pitbull puppies off of a random woman in the street. He admitted in 2009 while training for Melvin Manhoef that he was “not 100% cured”, but that with treatment he was able to reduce the amount of rohypnol he took to less than 1/10 of his previous dosage. Filho insisted that he was clean in February of 2010, and now, for his part, in another Portal do Vale Tudo article, Filho insists that he is clean and that the reports of his dog food addiction are exaggerated:

Yes, I have not used medication for a month. The initial phase was very difficult, but I made the decision that I no longer wanted to use and stopped… For the love of the sport, family, and friends of Paulo Filho, I took the initiative to clean up completely and I can give a little more joy to anyone who cares about my life.

I wonder how many millions of dogs have to spend 20 thousand in food. I want him to prove it on paper. Because it does not exist.

The absence of any primary source explicitly stating that Filho is actually in the hospital is somewhat queer, but hopefully more information will come out soon, and in the meantime, here’s hoping that Filho gets (or remains) roofie and dog food free.