After two years of Gypsy Curse madness, the stars are finally starting to align for the UFC. Maybe. Hopefully. Because according to Dave Meltzer, what they plan for 2013 sounds pretty effing sweet:

There is also the hope, obviously, that they can do a huge year on PPV if injuries don’t get in the way. Anderson Silva is going to the 11/17 show in Montreal. If GSP wins, they are going to have a call out or confrontation to set up Silva vs. GSP. Of course, GSP has to win his match. The idea or hope is to get Silva vs. GSP first, and if Silva wins, go with Silva vs. Jon Jones (provided Jones beats Chael Sonnen) later in the year. The idea is to do the major dream matches this year. If Silva doesn’t beat GSP and Jones remains champion, they could move to Jones against the heavyweight champion for a major year-end fight. The idea is if things go right to get two 1 million buy shows, plus big ones when Alistair Overeem goes for the heavyweight title, GSP vs. Nick Diaz if that one works out, along with Jones vs. Sonnen with the idea of five potential 700+ shows, plus Ronda Rousey vs. Cyborg which will garner a ton of attention even if the jury is very much out on what kind of numbers it would do.

Too. Much. Awesome. Now if I didn’t know most of these fights would fall apart due to injury / steroids / duckage / miscellania, I might actually get excited. Sorry, this crusty demeanor is just a defense mechanism against getting my heart broken yet again. It’s been a rough year and a half when it comes to big fights falling apart, and it will take many months of couples therapy for me to be able to trust the UFC again. That, or GSP / Anderson signed, sealed, and delivered.