Yep, that’s Rampage playing with his PSP during the UFC on FOX press conference. He seems to be getting more and more churlish as fight week continues, and now here he is showing how few fucks he gives going into the final stretch. Dana White is doing a good job of pretending like he doesn’t care about all the shit Jackson is talking, but you know some of Rampage’s accusations must be getting annoying. So here’s Dana White breaking Dana White’s number one rule and talking about money:

“The guy came out in an interview and said skateboarders make more than him. Rampage since 2007 has made – from 2007 to 20012 – 15.2 million dollars in the UFC. I know a lot of skateboarders. It’s wierd but I actually kinda live in that world, I’m into that skate and surf stuff. Unless they’re talking about Tony Hawk or Rob Dyrdek, skateboarders aren’t making 15.2 million dollars.”

“The way that he’s acting, the way that he treated the media today, the media is here to ask you questions and talk to you, this is part of the deal, it’s how this works. I actually feel kind of sorry for him. Whatever he’s got in his mind, he’s playing this thing the wrong way. Whenever his fight his over, we’re either going to do a new deal or not do a new deal, we’ll see what happens, but, I just think he is handling this the wrong way.”

Or maybe we’re reading too much into this and Rampage just really wanted to pass that level.