Thiago Silva won his last fight against Rafael Cavalcante in June by first round KO, and earned double bonuses in the process.  Not too shabby, but that doesn’t grant much job security if you went 1-3-2 in your previous six, and got suspended twice to boot.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Silva was apparently so preoccupied with arranging helicopters to ferry himself and his teammates around (according to Heidi Androl) that he didn’t quite have time to make weight.  Even gettin’ naked only got him down to 208 lbs, and though he was given an hour to try again, he said “fuck it” after 45 minutes.  Silva must now hand over 25% of his “show” money to Matt Hamill, which at his $55K+55K salary is far less than the sweet, sweet bonus cash that he’s now ineligible for.

Given Silva’s history in the last couple years, and Zuffa’s disdain for those who miss weight, one has to presume that his employment is now quite precarious.  We could be looking at the next top Bellator or WSOF contender here, folks.  Lucky for him, as long as he can defend the takedowns, he shouldn’t have much trouble getting the better of Matt Hamill.  Especially since Chael Sonnen claims Hamill’s head trainer/coach/translator recently quit due to a lack of faith in Hamill’s abilities.