(This pic from MMA Fighting’s facebook page has nothing to do with this story, I just like the look on Joe Silva’s face in the background)

Oh, Saturday nights. I hardly knew ye. It was a mere 7 months ago that the UFC changed it’s pay per view starting time from 10pm to 9pm, all in the name of wrapping shit up at a reasonable hour so we could all go dance to the newest Black Eyed Peas jams down at the discotheque afterwards. Unfortunately, this grand experiment is now ending:

After a seven-month experiment of holding their pay-per-view events an hour earlier, the UFC have decided to revert to the original pay-per-view start time of 10p.m. ET, starting with the blockbuster UFC 141 card this December.

Starting last April, the UFC responded to East Coast fan demand to start the pay-per-views an hour earlier, though the adjusted start time proved bothersome to many West Coast fans, who have swayed he promotion to move back to their original kick-off time of 10p.m. ET.

The start-time move may also be in response to dwindling pay-per-view buys reported over the last seven months.

Goddamn west coast MMA fans and their stupid timezone. At least they still get screwed on the regular by time-delayed events on Showtime. And by the fact they live on the stupider coast with all the dumbasses. ALL OF THEM. I hate them all so much and can’t wait for that entire side of the continent to just fall into the ocean. I was really enjoying having the option of living a life on Saturday night. Not like I did a whole lot with it. I think I went out for a snowcone after UFC 133. That was pretty cool. And now I don’t have that option any more. Thanks a lot, west coast. You suck.