FOX has revealed the lineup for this season of The Ultimate Fighter and as heavily rumored, Fightlinker favorite Roxanne Modafferi is one of the 16 women vying to get into the house. Other female contestants include former pound for pound #1 ranked Tara LaRosa, submission master Shayna Baszler, Tristar product Valerie Letourneaux, and boxer Jessica Rakoczy.

Then there’s Ravelina Berto (the sister of boxing champ Andre Berto) and tomboy Tonya Evinger, whose claim to fame earlier in her career was threatening to sexually molest Gina Carano during their fight. And Peggy Morgan, best known for who she refused to fight rather than who she has – she turned down a match with transgendered fighter Fallon Fox and stirred some controversy when she released a Youtube video bluntly laying out why.

It’s a good mix of new and old WMMA characters and it will be very interesting to see how the new generation stacks up against the last. As well you can tell a lot of fighters were picked not so much because of their records but because of their potential. Hopefully we’re going to see some of these women taking their skills to the next level over the course of the season. And of course we’re all rooting for a Roxy win!