The Ultimate Fighter 18: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate continued tonight on FOX Sports 1. This season features 8 men and 8 women bantamweights battling together in The Ultimate Fighter house for the first time in the show’s history. Tune in each week as the fighters, coached by UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and rival Miesha Tate, vie for a six-figure UFC contract on FOX Sports 1. [Spoilers Below]

It is the coaches’ challenge this week and this year’s challenge is a rock climbing wall. Rousey takes her time early and then pushes the pace late to defeat her rival. Rousey talks trash about their upcoming fight and flicks off Tate on the way down. Rousey wins $10,000 for winning the challenge and her teammates earn $1,500 each.

The camera’s cut to Anthony Gutierrez back at the house and the fighter talks about his rather unique eating habits. While he admits that he does not eat as healthy as many fighters, he says his system works for him. Back at the gym, Gutierrez feels his team at home and starting training at an early age have made him into a well-rounded fighter. The Team Rousey coaches take a different approach to coaching their fighters as they decide to not corner their guys and let them gameplan themselves and pick their own corners, like other seasons have done. Gutierrez’s weight is the last thing shown in the clip and he is over 150-pounds, Rousey tells him to eat a bit healthier if he actually wants to go somewhere in the sport but it falls on deaf ears.

It is David Grant’s turn now, and he talks about his past as a DJ and about how his kids made it easier for him to focus on training. Grant admits it is a bit awkward to train in front of his teammate but he knows it is part of the drill. Both Grant and Gutierrez seem confident in their abilities and their training abilities. Back at the house, we get more footage of Gutierrez working on getting his weight down.

It is weigh-in day and Gutierrez is nine pounds over with only four hours to go until weigh-ins. Gutierrez does the epsom salt bath to help make weight, and ominously the salt bags are the recently departed’s Cody Bollinger’s. Grant talks about the weight cut and feels good since he is only four pounds over. At the gym, Gutierrez is still at 143-pounds and Rousey is frustrated as she has been on him since he got in the house. Rousey stays on him and tries to stay supportive while around him but she is frustrated when she is way from him because he is further over than he told her originally. Rousey, Shayna Baszler, and Coach Edmund Tarverdyan encourage Gutierrez to push through it as his dreams are on the line here.

It is weigh-in time and Grant makes weight without issues at 135.5. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Gutierrez, as he weighs 140-pounds and has one more hour to make weight. Team Rousey’s staff (including TUF 5 finalist Manny Gamburyan) and teammates are frustrated with Gutierrez after having warned him for so long. Rousey and Taverdyan keep encouraging him to try to at least keep cutting until the time is up. Gamburyan tries to encourage him but Gutierrez breaks and will not make the cut.

UFC president Dana White shows up and lets Gutierrez speak and he apologizes to everyone but everyone is pissed off at him. Grant is confused about what he is feeling because he is happy to make the final and but upset about not fighting his way into the finale. Rousey is upset with herself, even offering to make weight on short notice to show the fighters it can be done, and White privately tells her not to sweat it since it was Gutierrez’s fault for giving up, not hers.

Despite the odd shenanigans, the first final is set as Team Tate’s Chris Holdsworth will take on Team Rousey’s David Grant.



Chris Holdsworth (Team Tate) def. Michael Wootten (Team Rousey)

David Grant (Team Rousey) def. Anthony Gutierrez (Team Rousey) via forfeit 


Juliana Peña (Team Tate) def. Sarah Moras (Team Tate)

Jessica Rakoczy (Team Rousey) vs. Raquel Pennington (Team Tate)

Next Week:

The final semifinal is up as Team Rousey’s Jessica Rakoczy takes on Team Tate’s Raquel Pennington.

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