We mentioned late last week that Mike Fagan from Bloody Elbow had stepped up and challenged us to an inter-site bet, and now we have our terms. Sorry to disappoint those who wanted to see the loser defecate themselves on public transportation, but we decided to go for a simple food themed challenge. If my Canadian boy Georges St Pierre wins next week, Mike will have to put up a video of himself chugging a nice big bottle of maple syrup. If God does exist and he hates me, then BJ wins and I have to post a video where I eat an entire pig’s foot. You know, since Hawaiians are famous for their pig roasts? And for eating pork.

While some might complain that this isn’t nearly as hardcore as the ipecac or the grape photo bet, this is actually the worst terms that I’ve ever agreed to. When dares of dignity come to play, I can always turn to alcohol to help me go through with whatever I have to do. But there is absolutely nothing worse for me than having to eat gross shit. And to eat something that actually still looks like the animal it came from? I can eat cow anus for weeks in hotdog form, but I can’t even eat meat off the bone because it grosses me out.