Remember that stupid game as a kid where you have to put all the pieces into a puzzle before a timer went off and popped them all back out? That   seems like what setting the Wanderlei Silva – Chuck Liddell fight is like. At this point I’ve lost count of how many times they’ve tried and failed to put this together. I promised myself last time that I wouldn’t get suckered again, but who am I fooling … I’m worse than Charlie Brown trying to kick that damned football.

The latest news from Wanderlei Silva is he’s coming to America, and will be fighting for the UFC in December. Could the fabled fight between Wand and Chuck finally be nigh? At the moment there’s just too many things up in the air. Perhaps the UFC is planning on using Wand to prop up their TUF finale earlier in December. If the UFC wants to set Silva up as a monster, there’s no better way than having him rip some poor TUF alumni limb from limb on national television. That certainly gave Anderson Silva instant credibility.

Anyways, it’s way to early to even hope that Chuck vs Wanderlei is gonna happen for the UFC’s NYE show. But I can’t stop myself from hoping. Damn UFC. I wish I knew how to quit you.