King Mo testing positive for steroids makes him the second Strikeforce champ to pop positive in 2012 (remember, he held the belt for 10 seconds). The UFC is currently under siege by bad publicity from evil mainstream media and their mortal enemies in the culinary union, so rather than follow the potential scandal they’ve decided to get out in front of it:

Continuing a commitment to the health and safety of its athletes, the Ultimate Fighting Championship® announced today that all potential UFC® and STRIKEFORCE® signees will be subject to a mandatory pre-contract screening for performance-enhancing drugs. Beginning Jan. 1, 2012, all incoming athletes will be tested prior to finalizing a contract with the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization.

UFC and STRIKEFORCE already work closely with the most prestigious regulators and athletic commissions to ensure the healthy and safety of athletes prior to competition. This includes contestants on The Ultimate Fighter®, all of whom are pre-screened for performance-enhancing drugs prior to participating on the longest-running sports reality show on television.

All current UFC and STRIKEFORCE athletes will continue to be screened for performance-enhancing drugs, both prior to competition and at random, in accordance with athletic commission rules and regulations.

The big question here is what kind of screening? The standard urine testing that goes on across the sport is pretty much useless for catching steroid cheats. If that’s what the UFC is doing this really is just all for show.