A little update on Mark Hunt’s troubles getting into the United States for his fight with Junior Dos Santos on the 25th:

Hunt, who is slated to face Junior dos Santos in the May 25 co-headliner at MGM Grand Garden Arena, announced last week via Twitter that he was twice denied departure from an airport in New Zealand due to visa issues. The frustrating development has prevented the fighter from acclimating to the weather and time differences of Las Vegas.

In spite of the heavyweight’s recent travel troubles, UFC officials Tuesday remained confident that the hard-hitting New Zealander will compete as planned at UFC 160.

“Right now, our team is working on this issue,” said Dave Sholler, UFC director of communications, during today’s media conference call. “This isn’t the first time we’ve had a travel or visa issue, so we have some of the best people equipped to take care of these issues. We’re pretty confident that Mark is going to get out [of New Zealand] by the weekend.”

Dana White recently called Hunt’s story ‘one of the greatest stories in sports right now’, and last time I checked Rocky didn’t end up missing his fight with Apollo Creed because he couldn’t make it to the venue. So hopefully the UFC will be able to untangle whatever legal stupidity is going on to get the Super Samoan into America.

(pic by Jeff Cain for MMA Weekly)