A few days ago we shared with you how much UFC referees get paid. Today let’s look at how much you can be sued for if you illegally show a UFC event at your bar:

Hoover said about two dozen people were watching “UFC 121″ at Jake’s the night of the Lesnar-Velasquez fight. Most were standing near one of four televisions on which the pay-per-view was shown, he said. Jake’s did not charge for people to get in, he said.

Peterson wasn’t sure what rate Zuffa would have charged Jake’s to broadcast the fights. But, he said, the bar benefitted financially by showing them because it attracted more customers than it otherwise would have.

Zuffa is seeking $10,000 in statutory damages because Jake’s improperly showed “UFC 121.” That’s the maximum allowed by federal law. It also requested $25,000 in enhanced damages for willfully broadcasting the event and benefitting commercially. The maximum allowed under federal law is $100,000. Peterson said Zuffa is also requesting $3,940 in attorney’s fees.

So play a UFC event at your sportsbar and be prepared to pay around $39,000, up to $110,000+. It’s worth noting that the owner of Jake’s also sold the bar (now called the Emerald Pub) and dropped off the face of the earth, so you can add broken dreams to the cost of publicly pirating a UFC event. Coming up next in our ‘How Much?’ series, how much the UFC wants out of fans who watch illegal streams online!