Cage Potato noticed something very interesting tucked away in a UFC press release announcing yet another injury / replacement – this one f*cking up the TUF Brazil Middleweight final.

Due to the seemingly endless string of injuries that has threatened to consume UFC 147 in a fiery ball of mediocrity, the UFC is offering any fan who already purchased a ticket for said event a full refund.

It should be noted that this has never happened in the history of the UFC.

The short and sweet mention of the refund in the UFC’s release:

With the change on the main card, fans who purchased tickets for the event will now officially have three (3) days to decide whether to seek a full refund.

This is a nice olive branch to offer to Brazilian fans who saw the event go from a mega stadium show with Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen to what is widely being derided as the worst PPV the UFC has ever put on. But is this a bad precedent for the UFC to set? You could make the case that Calgary fans deserve the option of refunds for UFC 149 as well. It doesn’t even really hurt the UFC that much … with 147 and 149, any refunded tickets would easily be bought again. Both shows sold out so fast most fans didn’t even know tickets were on sale before they were all gone.