A few weeks ago we learned that our favorite scrappy Brit Dan Hardy was diagnosed with Wolff–Parkinson–White syndrome, or an extra heartbeat that shouldn’t be there. Since then Hardy has been living under the cloud of maybe never being able to fight again, and I’m sure not knowing is a lot of fun too. Things only got worse for the fighter when he learned that it was the UFC, not the athletic commission, who made the decision to pull him from his upcoming fight. But the promotion hasn’t given up on Hardy yet:

Hardy will soon see a leading heart doctor recommended by the UFC to get a second opinion and further examinations.

“We talked to him.  Lorenzo (Fertitta) and I called him last week and he’s got some personal stuff going on right now with his family, but we’re going to send him out to literally the best heart doctor in the country out in Los Angeles when he’s ready to go,” said UFC president Dana White during a media conference call on Tuesday.  “We’re going to get a second opinion and get him checked out.”

The shitty thing about all this is Hardy has probably been competing for years with this thing and it hasn’t caused him any problems. He’s gone through all the insane training, fought epic wars, and has come through the other side without ever having any kind of episode. But since the thing was discovered and added to his medical record, he’s screwed. Maybe this heart expert down in Los Angeles determines that he’s still able to compete, but typically the preferred medical choice is to slice someone open and tinker with their shit before declaring them okay.

(pic via Ron Chenoy via USA Today)