Daniel Pineda defeats Justin Lawrence with a good ol fashioned kimura. Notice the ref not paying attention to the right arm…

Saturday’s Ultimate Fighter finale ended up being a pretty great card from start to finish and not just because of the non-season fighters like Miller, Palaszewski, Gonzaga, Browne, etc. The TUF fighters brought the boom too, resulting in five of the seven prelim fights ending with finishes. So just in case you were busy having a life or something on Saturday afternoon, we’ve got those finishes in gif form after the jump for you to enjoy.

Cole Miller starts off with a face crank and it ends up under Bart Palaszewski’s neck in the end. Shweet.

Clint Hester donks Bristol Marunde upside the head with an elbow. Manude goes down looking like an arm flailing tube man.

Dylan Andrews defeats Jimmy Quinlan. More great work from Frost Tip McMuscle Shirt, the same ref who didn’t notice the taps from Justin Lawrence either.

Josh Samman finishing Kevin Casey. Poor Casey came so close to winning this one too. Then his mad beefy muscle sucked up all his oxygen and he wilted like an exotic black flower.