If you’re wondering whether or not I scoured YouTube for Pat Barry’s reaction to his girlfriend, Rose Namajunas, winning by flying armbar in :12 seconds at Invicta 5 the answer is simply, hell yea. We all remember Pat’s reaction the last time Namajunas won and I’m pretty sure this time around the hype crazed corner-man brought down the Ameristar event center with a physical rendition of the House of Pain classic “Jump Around.” Unfortunately as of this moment there’s no actual video evidence to support my theory, but we did manage to find a video where a calmer Barry discusses Namajunas’ flying armbar, Invicta 5 and his upcoming opponent Shawn Jordan.

[youtube mrPunmOs5rU]

All sarcasm aside Namajunas has become a star for her actions both inside and outside the cage. She now holds a 2-0 professional record fighting for Invicta with two finishes by way of submission, but it’s also the stuff outside the cage that has fans clinging to her like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert – we all remember her rendition of the Harlem Shake, right?

What Namajunas wants is her individuality as a fighter. It’s not that being one half of MMA’s power couple is giving her the crazies but it’s the fact that she want to be recognized for her accomplishments inside the cage apart form her personal life outside it. She touched on this in an interview with BloodyElbow

“I definitely want to be known for more than just being with him. I mean, obviously, the world has no choice but to mention his name when mine is in the picture, but eventually, it’s got to be just about me. When I knock some people out, it’ll be all about me [laughs]. It’s cool with me and all, but having my name mentioned because of what I do, rather than just attached to his name is probably better.”

Friday night was the start of that separation between professional life and personal life. If Namajunas continues to pull off crazy submission like the one on Friday night (all while winning) then it won’t be long until everyone’s referring to Barry as Rose Namajunas’ boyfriend – or at least referring to them both in the first person.