Sarah Kaufman isn’t the only Strikeforce fighter getting thrown back into the title mix because there’s no one else in her division. Look what’s happening at 170:

“That’s something that we’re going to go back to the office and have a conversation internally,” Coker said at Saturday’s post-fight press conference at the Sears Centre Arena. “But I would think that Tyron and Tarec are going to be the frontrunners for that vacant title when it does happen.”

When even your smarmy group of announcer suck ups admits that Tyron Woodley is still looking pretty one dimensional, maybe it’s not time to be talking title shot. Jesus cross hanging Christ, Coker!

Pictures of the event are up at MMA Fighting. They’re no Esther Lin pictures, but they’re decent.

More on the Overeem ditching.

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker isn’t discussing the release in detail, nor are other officials. However, Overeem had just one fight remaining on his current deal, and sources told ( discussions about his Strikeforce future weren’t exactly productive in recent weeks.

Did you notice Showtime decided to pretend Overeem’s Friday release didn’t happen?

Tim Kennedy questions Robbie Lawler’s gameplan:

TIM KENNEDY: “Yeah! He was doing the same thing, it was just that tentative, counter, just waiting for me to come in. You know, that’s a dumb way to fight… not to Robbie, just you know it’s like… it was my fight to lose. He knew I was two rounds ahead, I knew I was two rounds ahead, so I don’t know… yeah, I thought he’d be coming forward. I was waiting for it, I was waiting to just blast my way in, but he was just tentative the whole time.”

More pictures via Sho Sports’ Flickr stream. Lots of Sad Fedor pics to go around!

Another gif of the final moments.

[youtube Xf_93Il0B-o]

Everyone is bugging out about the way the Hendo / Fedor fight was stopped. I thought it was premature, but that determination was only made after watching the replay several times and chewing it over for a few minutes. Funny how Herb Dean called it differently in the heat of the moment with a quarter of a second to make his call, huh?

Here’s the deal: Fedor went face down onto the canvas and stayed there too long. The ref stepped in and stopped it, and while it might have been early, that’s how the MMA cookie crumbles. Don’t like it? Roll faster next time, Fedor. From what we’ve seen so far it looked like he was out for a second or two so it’s not like the stoppage wasn’t justified. We just all wanted to see more sooooo bad. So fucking bad! Ah well.

Anyone else think the most entertaining thing about Tyron Woodley is his mother?

Fedor’s press conference stoppage comment:

Asked if he thought Dean — who’s widely regarded as the best referee in MMA — made a mistake, Fedor answered in the affirmative.

“It seems to me, yes, objectively, I was ready to continue fighting,” Fedor said. “So, yes.”

Gifs are up over at Iron Forges Iron. Not a helluva lot of other stuff coming out. Forgot the difference between UFC and Strikeforce post-fight media material.