Lest you think Strikeforce has been effing the dog on finding an opponent for Gina Carano’s June 9th comeback, Scott Coker throws us a bone on how the search goes:

SC: I can tell yuou one of the fighters we were trying to put together for her to fight was Cindy Dandois. But Cindy actually wanted to take the fight and ended up being three and a half months pregnant. So she will not be fighting on June 8th.

AH: Didn’t someone punk you with that one time?

SC: It was Cyborg on the Gina Carano fight, they punked me. But this one was real. In fact, Abby was the one who called me on it, Gegard’s trainer.

There’s a few interesting things about this. First off, Cindy Dandois is or was dating Gegard Mousasi. I’m unfortunately not 100% up to date on my MMA love connections, so I don’t know if they’re still an item. Does this mean Gegard can expect a little Kermit in the fall? Then there’s the thing about her being three and a half months pregnant. Fun fact: Cindy just fought last month, meaning her fetus is technically 1-0 already. An appropriate start if it is Mousasi’s kid.