[youtube OY_Crp4j2qs]

If I remember Gabriel Gonzaga for nothing else (besides the Cro-Cop KO), it’ll be that he taught me the proper way to peel a banana.  Seriously, I’ve been a bottom-peeler ever since I saw this video, works like a charm.  I figure if anyone knows how to peel a banana, it’s that gorilla-lookin mofo.

Anyhoo, despite previous rumours that he was going to retire from MMA after getting fired from the UFC in October, Sherdog reports that Gonzaga is planning to return to the sport this September, when he will challenge Parker Posey — sorry, I mean Parker Porter for the Reality Fighting heavyweight belt.  Porter’s record is 4-2 and he’s only fought for Reality once, so that gives you an idea of where their HW division is at.

If you recall, “Napao” first appeared in the UFC back in 2005 and went on a bit of a tear, finishing his first three opponents and then famously KTFO’ing the once-mighty Cro-Cop with his own trademark head kick.  For that he was awarded a title shot against then HW champ Randy Couture in 2007, but despite being the betting favourite, he was worn down and TKO’d by the much smaller Captain America.  After that, it was all downhill for Gonzaga… TKO losses to Werdum, Carwin, and dos Santos followed, with his only wins being over the dregs of the HW division.  After Brendan Schaub handed him his third loss in four fights, the UFC finally sent him packing.

It’s sad to see guys go from the UFC all the way down to the D-leagues like this, but then again, the Tim Sylvia saga proves that they won’t necessarily be the big fish in a small pond out there.  And since Strikeforce apparently now has a policy against signing UFC washouts who are coming off a loss, and with JMMA circling the drain, for a lot of these guys it’s the bushleagues or nothing.  Maybe one day he’ll land in Bellator, cause their HW division ain’t exactly stacked either.