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Joe Rogan once said that Alistair Overeem looks like he was genetically engineered to fuck your girlfriend.  Then he showed up for the Bigfoot Silva fight looking less gigantic, less aggressive, less sharp, and generally less Ubereemy than the superhero who once utterly destroyed foreign kickboxers and American wrestlers alike.  But that’s because he has low testosterone now, donchaknow.  I still doubt I’d dare do anything if he started putting the moves on my woman though… except maybe film and sell it as black-on-white cuckhold porn.

Anyways, at least “The Reem” is still the undisputed heavyweight champ of MMA documentaries, and it’s already three episodes into its third season.  In the first above, The Reem faces armwrestlers in Japan and the athletic commission in Nevada.  In the second after the jump, he lives it up in Miami as he and his Blackzillian teammates prepare for their fights.

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And finally, the backstage lead-up to his devastating knockout at the fists of Bigfoot, and post-fight soul-searching.

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