The last episode of “The Reem” ended with Alistair getting canned from Strikeforce, but don’t worry, it turns out that downer ending was like the “Empire Strikes Back” of this series.  Since then he’s re-signed to the UFC and split with long-time camp/managers Golden Glory, but this episode only touches on the former.  After parting ways with SF, Overeem heads to California for what he calls a “promotional tour,” though it’s really about checking out Cali and its MMA scene to see if he digs it enough to move there.

First he films a cameo in a music video (they still make those?), and there meets another guy who might have chosen the nickname “The Ream”, but went with “The Hedgehog” instead.  Then it’s on to touring some MMA facilities, starting with former Chute Boxe trainer Rafael Cordeiro’s Kings MMA (home to his old pal Fabricio Werdum), then RVCA, Affliction, and finally Antoni Hardonk’s much more modest joint (who really does look like a movie star now).

Next he cheers on a couple GG teammates at the inaugural Muay Thai Premier League event, where some dudes wear tennis raquets on their heads and do ceremonial dances before their fights, and what sounds kinda like snake-charmer music plays during all the fights.  Seriously, I saw part of it on TV.  Anyway, he bumps into some other MMA folks there, including Joe Rogan who later gushes about how awesome he is.

Was Alistair maybe thinking of joining a kickboxing league that actually pays its fighters?  I guess we’ll never know, because he soon gets the UFC call, and so he gets himself a pimp new suit and heads to Vegas to meet Lorenzo and sign the contract in person.  Looks like they came up with the Lesnar fight at this same meeting.

Speaking of which, at the end is a sweet little trailer for Overeem vs Lesnar, showing them both kickin’ ass, liftin’ heavy shit, and shootin’ guns.  Check it out separately after the jump:

[youtube vmBSnt1oHuE]