A lot of people reacted to the news that Bigfoot Silva was getting a title shot / rematch against Cain Velasquez with LULWUT??? Didn’t Bigfoot have his big face cracked open like an egg a mere nine months ago? Aren’t the guys who put together and tear down the cage between events still finding spots of his dried blood in the strangest places? Well, here’s Dana White defending his decision to throw Bigfoot Silva back in the cage with Cain:

“Bigfoot Silva, Cain beat him pretty easily, and he just came out and knocked out Alistair Overeem.  It’s tough to not say he shouldn’t get another shot at the title.  I mean, I think everyone pretty much felt that way after the fight,” White said during Wednesday’s UFC on Fuel TV 7 pre-fight press conference in England.

“That fight happened because (Silva) knocked out Alistair Overeem in spectacular fashion.  If you sit there and look at the guys who are in the heavyweight division who are next, how do you say he doesn’t deserve it? Alistair Overeem was the guy a lot of people believed could go in there and win that title, and Bigfoot weathered his storm and viciously knocked him out,” said White.

“The guy deserves the shot.”

And keep in mind there was another man who got his ass kicked not too long ago in a brutal and fast manner that got another shot at the title. That man’s name *dramatic pause* was Cain Velasquez, and he used his second opportunity to beat Junior Dos Santos so bad he ended up looking weirder than his ex-wife.

Will that happen with Bigfoot Silva? I’d reckon no, but remember this is a guy who beat Fedor and Overeem when no one gave him half a chance to do so. And when it comes to title shots, the UFC has shown that you don’t always have to be the right guy, you just have to be the right guy at the right time. Silva took out the UFC’s #1 choice to fight Velasquez, leaving a big hole where a legit contender should be. So if there’s no one else, why not Bigfoot? The other option is sitting Cain out until Junior and Alistair or Werdum and Nog sort things out. And I don’t think I have to remind you how making awesome fighters sit on the sidelines makes me feel…