There’s still no word from the UFC as to who will step up and fight Junior Dos Santos at UFC 146. All we know right now is that Junior Dos Santos will still headline the card and the Frank Mir vs Cain Velasquez fight is being left alone. So who else could step in? Perhaps it will be Mark Hunt, who has a fan-led twitter campaign called #RallyForMarkHunt on his side. USA Today’s Sergio Non puts lipstick on that pig:

It’s easy to dismiss Hunt as a serious option. He barely has winning record at 8-7, hasn’t beaten any top-10 fighters and hasn’t shown much offensive skill beyond striking.

Yet Hunt has a three-fight winning streak. More important, his approach to fighting suggests he would pose a formidable obstacle to Dos Santos.

The stylistic possibilities that made Overeem interesting as a challenger apply to Hunt, a fellow winner of the K-1 World Grand Prix. Like Overeem, Hunt does some of his best work as a striker at close quarters. Although Hunt has a less refined style, he has a sharp sense of timing and a killer instinct. He knocked out five of his eight victims in mixed martial arts overall and two of three in UFC, most recently Cheick Kongo, No. 17 among heavyweights in the USA TODAY/SB Nation consensus rankings.

Meanwhile, Mark Hunt has both the most hilarious summary of Overeem’s situation AND the best explanation for why people are cheering him on as a replacement:

“I didn’t think it was horsemeat he was eating,” Hunt said. “I think Alistair really [expletive] that [expletive] up. Just like (Josh) Barnett when he [expletive] that [expletive] up. 

“I think they just like to see someone that’s been down for such a long time and come back,” Hunt said. “Everyone has hard times. This whole planet is going through bad times. I think it’s just that they like to see the underdog get some. It’s always the other way around.”

In other opponent news, Dan Henderson says he’d step up and fight for the belt if asked, winning back double the badass points he’d lost over recent fight-ducking accusations. And Fedor is out of the running (as if he was ever really in it) with his camp announcing he’ll be fighting in St Petersburg this June. So who the hell is gonna fight Junior???