Mr. Fightlinker is out having a social life tonight, so us shut-in staff writers are gonna gangbang together a browser-crashin’ Expanding UFC On Fox 6 Post that’s at least somewhat Incredible, and in reverse order.  Like that movie “Memento”, remember?  Anyway, let’s get to it.


Grant and Lamas were robbed.

A complete studio meltdown for last night’s show sent the entire UFC broadcast team scurrying for a side-studio in the bowels of the arena. About halfway through the third round between David Mitchell and Simeon Thoresen on the Facebook prelims, they tested out the new feed and treated fans to this shot (via Reddit) of Jon Anik and Dominick Cruz looking totally comfortable and not at all awkward around each other.

Dat stache.

[youtube jXRngWPo7Ac]

Fun fact: if you can catch a flyweight, he has to tell you where he hid his pot of gold.  But they’re awful quick, so good luck with that.  I don’t know what to say to anyone who thinks the wee-weights aren’t interesting, cause I watched this one twice in a row just to be sure of my own scoring (48-47 Mouse).  The Magician’s hands were great in the first 10 minutes, but Mighty Mouse had the superior gas to edge out the 3rd round, pull away in the 4th, and seal the deal with a beating in the 5th.  But Dodson isn’t going anywhere, and the flyweight division is still as young and thin as an early-2000’s Christina Aguilera, so don’t be surprised if he gets another shot fairly soon.

Clearly against the rules, and just as clearly milking those rules.

Rampage surprisingly weighed in at 204 lbs, which would seem to back up his claim of being in the best shape of his life.  But as it turned out, he brought his “banned” Reeboks and a couple leg-kicks to the cage, but not enough gas for the full three rounds.  Glover Tex got a measure of revenge for his mentor Chuck Liddell, but not the blowout/knockout that many were hoping for to give Rampage his comeuppance.

Here’s Rampage letting Glover try on the chain after the fight.

And for history’s sake, here’s Glover and Rampage from 10 years ago. (via The Underground)

[youtube sbM6hpPrXuE]

[youtube _3ujuQrzEHc]

Showtime had Ben Askren in his corner, but not to worry, because unlike Guida, Askren recently finished a fight for once.  Speaking of title shots, can Pettis finally get one after making Cowboy shit his liver in under 3 minutes?  Somewhere, Bas Rutten just got wood.

(via Angry Black Man)

(via Jill Sandwich)

Hooray for back-to-back elbow finishes!  Aw, he leakin’… so much for the guy who almost got a shot at Aldo last summer.  Also like Grant, Lamas now has four straight wins since he dropped to 145 in mid-2011.  Perhaps a title shot coming for Lamas?

Wiman is a tough dude, but Canuck Gumby quickly picked him apart with clean muay thai and finshed with elbows n’ hammers in just under a round.  That makes four straight UFC wins at lightweight in less than 16 months for Grant… time for a step up in competition.

I think we all expected this one to be a rather boring decision, and we weren’t wrong.  Guida is apparently quite happy to have mastered the art of not-fighting, and once again pulled off a split-D via holding his opponent down for part of each round without actually doing jack shit while on top.  Meanwhile, Hioki peppered him with shots on the feet and threatened with subs from the bottom, but I guess that shit doesn’t count.  It’s bad enough that Guida is gaming the system this hard, but a 30-27 from the one judge is like gift wrapping it for him.

(Gif via Angry Black Man)

I feel you, bro.

Not much to say about this one, except that The Kraut kickboxed Stumpf up for three rounds, and probably ended his UFC career.

Chael Sonnen is the consummate salesman, and christ, does he look big compared to Rogan.

Speaking of those who should maybe be retired, in my opinion, Brittney outshines the veteran Octo-Chick in every way.  (Pic via Brittney’s tweeter.)

Darth gets back in the win column by giving the aging Janitor the same treatment Tito Ortiz gave him.  Ol’ Vladdy hadn’t fought in over a year, and has now suffered two 1st-round losses in a row.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets another chance though, presuming he wants it.

Local boy Russow blew his doughy wad in the 1st round, and got his big ass beat down in the 2nd by a dude who came up from the Strikeforce Challengers shows.  Being TKO’d by Werdum was understandable, but his job may be in danger after this one.

Rafael Natal has a great body and a beautiful girlfriend, according to Rafael Natal.  But we can all agree he has decent enough game to beat down and sub out Some Guy from the bushleagues.  Good for him.

(Pics by Esther Lin for MMAFighting, gifs via The UnderGround unless otherwise noted.)