Patrick Cote vs Bobby Voelker

(pic from Esther Lin’s excellent UFC 158 gallery)

Other things actually happened at 158 besides man-child Nick Diaz bear baiting the IRS, and since the fights went down in Montreal there had to be at least one controversial decision that went the way of the local guy.  Congratulations, Patrick Côté.  I guess since it was your birthday a couple of weeks ago, you’re the lucky man (and what was in those weigh-in chocolates, anyway…?)

The prelim bout between Côté and Strikeforce import Bobby Voelker delivered big time and would have been better served in the first PPV slot rather than the hesitant Ricci / Fletcher matchup.  Côté and Voelker put on a hockey brawl for three rounds that should have given everyone Condit / Hendricks and Côté / Voelker tag team fantasies.  Round one went to Côté, a close but arguable round two for Voelker, and round three had Côté tired and Voelker finishing like a beast (and looking shower fresh!)  The judges fucked him over but good and handed down a unanimous 29-28 win for Côté.  You should never leave it in the hands of the Canucks, Bobby!  The Fightmetric breakdown is here for anyone interested.  Côté looks good on paper, but I think most people had a split for Voelker.  Let the cries of Pride rules ring out!