Anthony Pettis reveals what the original plan was for next season’s Ultimate Fighter before the UFC switched it up to Jones vs Sonnen:

“[I’m] still recovering from shoulder surgery,” he said, “and it’s taking longer than expected. I was hoping to get ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ gig because I was told it was me and [Donald] Cerrone coaching, and now it’s not happening. I’m just frustrated with everything, man.”

Can’t blame the UFC for making the shift. Pettis vs Cerrone is an interesting fight but not the kind of matchup that was going to do anything positive for TUF ratings. That’s no huge knock on them though … it’s the stale show formula that’s really at fault. When you’re cooking with shit, it doesn’t matter what spices you use. That dish is still gonna taste like crap. On the plus side, maybe not getting tied up in half a year’s worth of Ultimate Fighter duties may result in Pettis getting his lightweight title shot sooner rather than later. Now that’s something I’d be excited to tune in for.