How fitting was it that one of the most submittingest UFC events ever ended up being at an event in Brazil featuring an assload of Brazilian fighters? Helio Gracie must be smiling down upon us from Brazilian Heaven, which is very similar to American Heaven but the chicks all have bigger, better butts.

But did the event feature the most submissions in a single event ever? Here’s how the UFC framed the evening:

…where a Brazilian won every fight and there were more submissions (eight) than in any other event in Zuffa-era UFC history*

The asterisk:

*Pre-Zuffa events UFC 2 and UFC 4 both had eight fights end via submission locks (not submissions due to strikes)

If you ignore the subs by strikes exclusion, UFC 2 had 11 submissions. It also had 15 fights versus UFC on FUEL 10’s 12, and featured a bunch of fighters who barely knew what a submission hold looked like.

It is interesting to see the UFC drawing a bit of a line between the ‘pre-Zuffa days’ and basically what then becomes ‘the modern age’ of MMA fighting. In a way, they’re almost implying that everything that came before their ownership was a completely different beast, and it’s worth taking that into consideration when stats are in play. Will we start seeing more asterisks in MMA? They worked out so well for baseball after all.