Yes, all yous people harassing me have finally won: the Low Blow is back and will be resuming on a weekly basis! This week Derek and Ryan talk about the new season of TUF, the series’ place in the sport, and it’s international editions. From there we get onto Lorenzo Fertitta’s pet India project and how we expect that to pan out.

There was also some big news last week as the UFC reshuffled UFC 153 and after having a few days to digest all the changes we find ourselves about as satisfied as you can expect considering the never ending bad luck the UFC has faced over the past year. The pros, the cons, and the reason why so many people are pissed about getting an extra Anderson Silva fight are all discussed.

Last but not least we break down the main card of UFC 152 and who we think is going to win. Where Vitor Belfort has some advantages, why Ryan thinks the flyweight belt probably shouldn’t even exist, and more deep thoughts cooked into this 80 minute show. Download it here.