(From the ‘How it was done’ feature they made about the cover of Matt’s book Tapped Out, now available in totally affordable paperback!)

This week on a very special Low Blow, Jake returns to co-host the show and discuss his life threatening herpes affliction and what you can do to avoid a similar fate. Har har just kidding. But not about the VERY SPECIAL LOW BLOW part! Because on this episode, we also have Tapped Out author and October’s guest blogger for the month Matthew Polly joining us to talk about a whole bunch of general UFC topics. What he saw in the MMA supercamps he visited and how it applies to the amount of injuries we’re seeing now, the difficulties the UFC is currently facing with ratings and ticket sales, and the advantages and disadvantages of having an MMA Caesar like Dana White running things. The death of Strikeforce is also discussed and we touch on Mayhem Miller’s slow descent into madness.

All this in 72 minutes of podcast discussion, so feel free to burn that on a CD-R for your discman. Apologies for the quality on my mic, apparently my laptop’s soundcard is made out of the technological equivalent of horse hooves and pig anus. Everyone else sounds great though.

Download the show here.

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